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“Eloquence, grace and design. Spiritually infused to bring out a womans inner goddess. Bask in the allure of intimately hand-crafted earrings. At Fathomthiss, each pair is as diverse as a womans organic beauty.”


nestled, in a small town in the western sierras, fathomthiss was created.  a quiet meditation, a simple hobby, a one woman business came to life.  britany cockshott a long time art enthusiast, found her niche when she picked up beads back in 2010. over the 8 years of creation, she and her partner have blessed their small sustained mountain home with 2 beautiful boys, and a booming, high demand earring line. her waves of inspirations flow from the changing seasons and natural elements, to the empowerment of lifting a womans spirit.

 "owning a small business has always been a dream of mine, creating an original form of art that draws people near, is an unexplainable feeling. i'm loving the reactions i receive, the feed back is overwhelming"


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